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Are you looking for promising therapies to integrate into your treatment plan? GlobalCures can help you! All we need is for you to answer a few questions about your diagnosis, based on which we can provide a list of potential treatments, backed by scientific literature, that could enhance your current treatment options.



The Challenge:

Navigating promising therapies

Patients often face a critical time crunch and at times lack resources to investigate promising therapies that could help them. Drug approval processes are protracted and expensive. Furthermore, many promising therapies, already approved for various conditions, are available but are untested for other uses due to financial constraints. Interpreting the scientific intricacies of these treatments / promising therapies can be overwhelming for most patients.

Our Solution: Empowering patients

with crucial knowledge

GlobalCures is dedicated to supporting you by providing curated scientific articles of promising therapies for various diseases. Our goal is to arm you with information that you can discuss with your healthcare providers. Additionally, we advocate for changes in the drug approval process to accelerate the availability of these treatments to everyone. We would like you to join us in our mission to empower patients and to accelerate the process of making effective treatments available to everyone. Explore our 'Find' program and start your journey towards an informed and hopeful future, today! Let GlobalCures help you find the right treatment options that can improve your clinical outcome.

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How Do We Identify Promising Therapies?


Comprehensive Research: We identify promising therapies by analyzing peer-reviewed scientific articles available in Pubmed database. 


Impact Analysis: We evaluate a treatment's potential to improve patient outcomes and its reach.

'Find' Program

Identifying Promising Therapies

The 'Find' program is the cornerstone of Global Cures. The Find program carefully navigates through the extensive landscape of medical research to identify potential low-cost treatments that shows early signs of effectiveness.


Our process to find promising therapies are quite rigorous and thorough: we investigate various theoretical studies, animal research, early-phase clinical trials, case reports and observational studies, to identify therapies that shows significant promise. We especially focus on diseases where the current clinical outcomes are poor, to bring hope where it is needed the most. 

Recent Discoveries

Stay up to date with our most recent findings. This section highlights the promising therapies with immense potential that has been identified recently. For instance, dexamethasone, commonly used to treat inflammation, improved the mortality or discharge to hospice for those require supplemental oxygen / mechanical ventilation. These and other exciting developments are discussed here in detail.

Get Involved

There are many ways you can join us in our mission. Whether you're a patient, a caregiver, a healthcare professional, or a passionate supporter of our cause, we invite you to engage with our findings, share them with those who might benefit, or support our research through donations. Your involvement could make the difference in our quest for accessible and effective treatments.

By navigating the uncharted territory of promising therapies, Global Cures brings a glimmer of hope to patients worldwide. Explore our website to learn more about our work, engage with our mission, and help us shape a healthier, hopeful future.

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