You may be eligible for this at home clinical trial


At GlobalCures, we believe drugs that are already on the market hold promise in the fight against COVID-19 and we support efforts to research such treatments.

One such effort is ‘STOP COVID Trial’ which hopes to demonstrate whether or not taking an FDA approved old medication, fluvoxamine, will help prevent worsening of symptoms and hospitalization in COVID-19 positive patients.


The research team is based at Washington University, St. Louis but can enroll patients from any state in the US.  The study is contactless meaning volunteers may participate without leaving their home. Medication and study supplies are delivered by a courier or shipped overnight. 

So, if you have tested positive for COVID-19, please consider enrolling in this trial.You can call 314-747-1137 or email [email protected] to get further information regarding this trial. A preliminary study found zero clinical deterioration in 80 patients on fluvoxamine. Check out our blog for more information.