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Discover the power of collective patient-driven action. By contributing your experiences, you can help unlock potential new treatments and join a global initiative in enhancing patient care. Your shared data could illuminate new paths to promising therapies, paving the way for rigorous clinical trials.

Participating in 'SHARE,' program is easy and straightforward: all it takes is answering a brief questionnaire about your diagnosis and current and past treatments. GlobalCures not only recommend new promising therapies but also provides you a platform where you can share your experiences and learn from others. 


The Challenge:

Despite the willingness of many patients and healthcare providers to integrate promising therapies into treatment plans, outside of a clinical trial context, we lack rigorous methods to collect data on patient experiences and outcomes. This gap means clinicians might hesitate to include these therapies in their treatment plans.

Our Solution:

You hold the key. By voluntarily sharing your experiences with promising therapies, you generate crucial real-world evidence to advance these potential treatments. While your input is anecdotal, when combined with the shared experiences of others, it can catalyze scientific progress, ultimately influencing the future of medical treatments. Get involved in 'SHARE' today, and contribute to the evolution of therapeutic science, one shared experience at a time. Together, we can transform the clinical …… and give hope to countless individuals worldwide.

Doctor's Appointment

The 'Share' program is a unique initiative designed to create a comprehensive understanding of patient experiences with promising therapies. By sharing your journey, you contribute to a powerful patient-driven effort that could pave the way for the discovery of effective therapies.

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Success stories from 'Share' 

Discover inspiring stories from participants of the 'Share' program. See how their shared experiences have contributed to the identification and advancement of promising therapies in the realm of medical science.


How does

'Share' work?

Participating in 'Share' is simple and straightforward. All it takes is to complete a brief questionnaire about your medical condition and the treatments you have received so far. Your experiences, combined with those of others, could shine a light on the effectiveness of promising therapies, influencing future clinical trials and treatment strategies.



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